DIY Chalkboard Mirror

Nada Allam
9/26/13, 12:00 AM

My last interaction with a chalkboard was probably when I was a child, and I had a red Little Tikes chalkboard. I used to love to go out and buy some colored chalk and draw all over the board. The years grew by, and I grew too old for my Little Tikes chalkboard. In a digital age like this, we rarely write the grocery shopping list on a piece of paper, let alone a board. Well, the time has come to let the chalkboard back into our lives, it is a lovely interior accessory. You don't need to purchase a bulky one, just transform one of your mirrors around the house into your very own stylish chalkboards.

What you will need:

An old mirror

Paint Brush

Paint Primer

Chalkboard Paint



1. Start by prepping your mirror. This includes cleaning your mirror, the glass and edges to remove any left over dust.

2. Next apply prime paint all over the glass area of the mirror. If you wish to change the color of the boundaries, then go ahead and add primer there too.

3. Let the prime paint dry, and next tape the edges of the glass area of the mirror. 

4. Apply three coats of chalkboard paint to the glass area of the mirror, leaving a 30 minute gap between each coat. Use a paint roller to spread the paint equally across the glass. Once done with the coats, a thick black surface should have formed, and you should leave it over night to dry. 

5. After the paint has completely dried up, you can remove the tape from around the edges. 

6. Season the chalkboard by coloring it with some chalk. Cover the whole chalkboard with chalk, this step is just like breaking in a pair of new shoes. After coloring the surface, wipe it off with an old piece of cloth.

7. Hang the chalkboard in the place you like.

There you have your very own personalized chalkboard. Hang it up in your living room and let your friends leave you messages on it. Or even in your kitchen and write down your grocery list. 

Tip: If you are still designing a room or house, you can use this process and apply it to a wall or front surface of a cupboard. It will be awesome having a wall dedicated to art and signatures from your friends and family. 


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