So it’s the middle of Summer here in Australia, but I do know for some of you it’s getting cooler and this DIY Chanel tweed jacket would actually be great for outdoors or in the air-conditioned malls.

I found this tweet jacket at a thrift store near where I live. You’ll need a pair of scissors, needle and thread and you’ll just need some pearl beads in various sizes, and a seam ripper/unpicker. My beads are from Spotlight.

1. I unpicked the black buttons (which I found hideous).
2. I unpicked the pockets and re-pinned them straight.
3. From there, I re-sewed them on straight and embellished with the pearls.

I hope you like this DIY Chanel tweed jacket, and let me know if you’ve done anything super creative with your thrift shop finds recently. I teamed it here with my DIY Tom Binns necklace.

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