Upcycling is such an important party of cheapnchic.net. It's my mission to stop ladies letting their impulse buys ending up in landfill by creating something wonderful out of garments instead.

If you've ever wanted to save a pair of jeans from being thrown out, de-stressing is the best way! These faded Zara skinny jeans of mine had stretched out so much, I was ready to cut them into shorts or just give them away. Then I thought, the light wash lended itself perfectly to being destressed.

This is how to achieve that nicely ripped look without it looking shabby and unkept.

What you need: Old pair of jeans, box cutter knife, washing machine.

1. Take your old pair of jeans and try them on. Work out where exactly you'd like to have them slashed. I suggest around the knee and thigh.

2. Use the box cutter knife to make small incisions where you've planned on the jeans.

3. After making the horizontal cuts, make some small vertical ones across the slash to ease the fraying process.

4. Throw your jeans into the wash on a vicious cycle. This will loosen up the slashes.

5. Sit down on the couch and pull the slightly frayed threads where the cuts are, it'll soon get more and more loose and create a nice foam of white threads around the slashes.