You know how sometimes you might lose one of your favorite earrings, or find an old pair of earrings all rusty and you probably would never wear them again. Never throw anything out, because there is always a way to use them, even old rusty earrings. I am going to show you how you can transform a boring old shirt of yours into something extremely funky using old earrings. I was one of the girls who loaded up on many heart-shaped earrings, cupcake shaped earrings, ribbons etc…I thought why not use them to add a sparkle to my tops, because frankly I am tired of studs.

What you will need:

Earrings (a lot of them)


A shirt of your choice


1. Use the pen to mark down the pattern on your shirt. I would recommend going for the collar and the lining of the buttons. If you choose a shirt with no collar or buttons, the go for a creative pattern, just make sure it doesn't annoy you.

2. Next, start attaching the earrings to the black dots you made.

3. Voila, you just transformed a plain shirt of yours with earrings. Here are a few pictures of emellished shirts with earrings to give you some ideas.

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