Did you know about arm knitting? This new amazing technique enables you to knit without using any needles; you'll just need knitting yarn and your arms! I'll guide. By learning to arm knit, you can do scarves and blankets in under 30 minutes, and trust me when I say you'll totally get addicted. I'll start by teaching you to DIY an arm knitted scarf, and I'll guide you through the super easy technique, which has gained so much popularity recently.

Steps to DIY an arm knitted scarf:

1. Get three balls or yarn in your favorite color.

2. You need to start by pulling out three stands from the three balls of yarn, and holding them together at the same time. You need to work with the three strands as if they were one thick strand.

3. Now it's time to cast on a slip knot, and that's by looping the working yarn (from where you're working to the cut end of the yarn) over the tail (from where you're working to the ball end of the art).

4. After that, pull the working yarn through the loop and tighten it up a bit to secure the loop. Make sure this loop is on your right hand, with the tail closer to you.

5. Now cast on stitches on your arm, as if you would have done using a needle. If you're not quite sure of how to do it, you can follow the steps in the below video for more clarification.

6. Continue with knitting all the stitches from your right arm to our left arm, and then from your left arm back to your right forming new rows as you go back and forth.

7. Try to make the stitches a bit tight as you're going through the knitting process, and then you can stop when the arm-knitted scarf e has reached a length of approximately 1.5 meters.

8. It's time to finish your arm-knitted scarf, so make sure to end all stitches on your left arm. Bind off as you'd normally do with a knitting needle, and you can follow the steps in the below video for more clarification.

9. Now your arm-knitted scarf looks as beautiful as ever and it's ready to be worn!

Video Credits: Handimania