Got a pair of plain heels and want to glam them up? We all have that pair of shoes that's old, in perfect condition but we've stopped wearing it because we got bored with its look. It's time to take it out and revamp it, just do the following super quick steps to DIY lace appliqué heels and your plain heels will be transformed immediately. 

What you will need:

- A pair of plain heels

- Lace appliqués

- Super glue

- Scissors


1. Start by using the scissors to trim the lace appliqués.

2. Clean the surface of your heels, and then try putting the lace appliqués on your heels without fixing them.

3. When you figure out the exact place you'll put the lace appliqués on your heels, attach them using the super glue. Gently press down and make sure that you don't apply much glue. A couple of drops are more than enough!

4. Hold the lace appliqués on the heels using your fingers for a couple of minutes, to make sure it's fixed in place.

P.S. If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding shoes, then this DIY idea is perfect!