After making this frame, I decided to be a spoon collector and not because I have a passion for cutlery, it’s the fantastically vintage looking units that you can buy to display them in is what sparked this new interest.

So here is a project of framed objects which I made to decorate the house. You’ll need spoons, colored pattern fabric tape, an IKEA hollow white frame and a glue gun. Hope you like it!

Tip: You can use any number of spoons you want.

1. Mix unmatched colors and patterns, try to avoid monochromes unless they are metallic colors.

2. Tape a thin strip of the fabric from the neck down.

3. Using a glue gun, stick the spoons on the inside surface of the frame. I added newspaper print on the back to go with the ambiance of the house. You can add a picture, a handwritten note or keep it empty for the  wall to see through.