I've always seen super cool doormats on Pinterest, but never found anything like them in real life. That's why I thought to craft a stenciled doormat myself. Actually, DIY stenciled doormats are super easy to make. You just need a few tools, and super witty text that you want to use!

To help you welcome your home guests in a super fun and cool way, I'll share with you a step by step guide to make a stenciled doormat. Also, scroll down and you'll find some of the most creative doormats that I found, which you can use for inspiration.

What you will need to make the stenciled doormat:

- Doormat (a plain one)
- Spray paint
- Cardboard paper
- Cutter
- Spray adhesive

Steps to make the stenciled doormat:

1. Choose the text you want to write on your doormat, and then print it using a nice font on cardboard paper.

2. Using the cutter, carefully stencil out the words.

3. Try to fit the stencils on the doormat, and check if they fit alright.

4. Fix the stencils on the doormat using the spray adhesive, so you can easily use the spray paint afterwards.

5. Now make sure to cover the rest of the doormat, so as not to stain it, and start using the spray paint.

6. Just leave it to dry for a couple of hours, and enjoy your very own stenciled doormat.