I’ve always loved embellished collars, so I decided to find out how to DIY a detachable embellished collar. The cool thing about it, is that it's just like a statement necklace. You can mix and match your detachable embellished collar with several tops and shirts, for a great accessorized look. So, here are six steps to DIY an embellished collar.

Things you will need:

- Patron

- Cloth

- Felt

- Pearls or buttons

- Satin ribbons


1. First thing you need to do, is to search for a collar’s patron that you’ll like, as they come in many shapes and sizes. Then you’ll print it out on an A3 piece of paper.

2. Place the collar patron you just printed out on the piece of cloth. Preferably choose a piece of  cloth with a color that would go with anything. After you place the patron, fix it on the piece of cloth with scotch. Use scissors to cut all around the patron. Now you have a collar.

3. Place and fix the piece of cloth you just cut out on the piece of felt, and then cut out the piece of felt on the shape of the cloth. Fix both materials together, the cloth and the felt, with fabric glue and leave it until it's completely dry.

4. If you want to go for a classic and chic look, I suggest you choose pearls. Get the half pearls with a flat back. What you need now, is to spread strong glue on the top of the felt side of the collar. Then start arranging the pearls all next to each other in lines. Buttons are also a very cool idea.  

5. What you need now is a ribbon with a matching color with the pearls. Cut it into two parts, and adjust the length according to your own preference. Sew the ends of every ribbon to the end of the collars.

P.S. You can always take one of your old shirts, or your husband's shirts and cut out the collar and use them. You can even just replace the button with a stone or an embellished button. That's just another way to DIY a detachable embellished collar.