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| by Nada Allam

Applying the 'Yes Man' Theory

I am sure all of you saw the famous 'Yes Man' movie back in 2008. For those of you who didn't, let me summarize it quickly. In a nutshell, Jim Carrey's character led a mediocre life, and so one day decided to say YES to everything and anything that came his way. Which led him to meet the girl of his dreams and go on many memorable adventures.

This movie popped into my head a few days ago and it got me thinking. If one day, I decided to apply the 'Yes Man' theory, would my day go by much differently then I anticipated? Or, was the movie just another indie film that I should enjoy and not give it more thought. I mean wouldn't saying yes to everything lead to a lot of overbooking? As humans, we all have a comfort zone, a place where we feel safe, can anticipate the unknown and just feel our happiest. But they always say, embrace the change, don't let your fears hold you back.

So I decided to try and apply the 'Yes Man' theory for a day. Maybe my day will remain the same, or maybe I am about to embark on a wild adventure just like the movie. Okay okay, maybe the movie was a little overdone, but you get my point.

So people, embrace the change for a day. How? Just apply the 'Yes Man' theory, and tell your circle of friends and co-workers about your little experiment. Sure, at first they will abuse it, and probably make you do the most embarrassing stunts ever. But hey, I can guarantee you will have a day full of laughter and probably make the best memories of your life. 

Oh, and you know that voice at the back of your head, the one that will probably tell you to hold back, and not do it. Don't listen to it! Block out the thoughts, the fear, the fast beating heart and just act. Because before you know it, another day has gone by, probably like many of your other days. Repetitive days are boring, and let me tell you a little secret about life, if you're bored, you are definitely doing it wrong.

So are you going to try the 'Yes Man' theory?

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