Aries: You're thinking, thinking a lot and don't give your head a break. Try just laying on the couch, don't think about anything useful and enjoy some TV and delicious snacks, that will surely help.

Taurus: Be careful, you're about to enter into a stressful phase and only you can prevent that from happening. You know how to keep things under control, so deal with things the same way you used to, no need to start worrying now.

Gemini: We all know you've got several personalities up your sleeves to keep you entertained and when it's time for some creativity, they all need to meet up to come up with the perfect plan.

Cancer: You're in your very own la la land and you've deserved it well. Time to go to a fun vacation, enjoy the beauty of the nature around you and give yourself the attention you deserve.

Leo: You're back from your vacation and you're quite energized. Use that positive energy to influence the people around you.

Virgo: This month is your time to shine! You'll learn to enjoy life even more, your sense of you humor will turn into joyful instead of sarcastic and people around you will notice the difference, aka how playful you've become.

Libra: This week you're very much into your inner bubble, don't let anyone disturb your peace of mind and just enjoy a relatively chilled week.

Scorpio: When you're in power, great things happen. You need to take the lead this week and you'll be surprised to see how many will follow your footsteps.

Sagittarius: This week you're in a very fun mood, you'll be joking around a lot and we advise you to experiment new and exciting things.

Capricorn: Life isn't all about work, you need to make time for the people you care about in your life, maybe make more time and effort towards that special someone? Think about it, there's definitely something you can do differently.

Aquarius: You've been having tons of issues on your mind and you're worried about them. Well, nothing comes easily, you need to stay focused and keep pushing.

Pisces: One by one you're getting a hang of something that has recently entered your life, though you had a hard time adapting at first. Now it's time to dive in deeper.