Aries: Breathe in breathe out, please relax and you'll hear some good news this week, something you've been really worried about lately.

Taurus: A week without stubbornness, how about that? Yes, we recommend you put your stubbornness aside for a while and look at life differently.

Gemini: Be careful, you might step into the zone of being labelled as having double standards.

Cancer: Let your feminine energy flow and wow everyone around you with the positivity and your charm.

Leo: Love being in the center of attention? Well, you're staying there for a while and it's without you even trying.

Virgo: Close friends are the family you personally pick and that's exactly why you need to show them how much they mean to you.

Libra: It's time to let others give their contribution and help you out, just like you've done in the past. You need to show them how welcomed they are to do so.

Scorpio: Woop woop, time for a fun vacation! Get your mind off of work and just enjoy it to the maximum, you've earned it.

Sagittarius: Feeling overloaded? Time to get some of that stress and drama off of your shoulder, either talk to a friend about it or start solving the issues bothering you, no more delays.

Capricorn: You're known to be one of the most hardworking horoscope signs, and this week, while everyone else is going slow, you need to push twice as hard to get things done perfectly.

Aquarius: You have a very caring nature and this what attracts people the most to you. Show that side to the people who want to get closer to you, don't push them away.

Pisces: Hard times call for drastic measurements. Put on your tough and hardworking face and you'll be able to overcome anything.