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Weekly Horoscopes: First Week of August 2015

Aries: Life is not about the major milestones you go through, it is about the major lessons you learned from them. Remember that whenever you feel like reminiscing about the past.

Taurus: Doing something for the greater good and expecting nothing in return leaves you feeling full and satisfied. Commit to this in your future endeavors.

Gemini: There is a great difference between taking a decision and acting on it. Rule of life, words are nothing without actions.

Cancer: Is your cup half full or half empty lately? Try to remember that the worse things get, the closer they are to getting better.

Leo: This is your month, and you deserve all the love and affection coming your way. Just remember to be thankful and appreciate it, for next month will be time for you to return the love.

Virgo: Never underestimate what a little bit of "me" time can do for you. Recuperation is needed because you have a full week ahead of you.

Libra: Wondering when to break a habit? The time is NOW, for there is no better time than the present.

Scorpio: Don’t let life drive you, take control of the wheel and steer your life in the right direction. You’ll be amazed by what a great difference it will make.

Sagittarius: Don’t ignore that feeling when you are forgetting something that may actually be true. Trace your steps carefully.

Capricorn: You’ve got a heart as pure as gold, be careful for some people will take full advantage of it, proving to be wrong choices in your life.

Aquarius: Love is a force! Choose your person wisely, for you will be unstoppable together.

Pisces: Think you are way over your head with work? Absolutely not, you are very capable and definitely up for the challenge. Time to shine and show your skills.

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