Aries: Don't like it? Change it or just find a way around it. You're smart and can definitely do anything you set your mind to.

Taurus: Clumsy much this week? It's fine, just laugh about it and move on, unless it's something important of course, then you need to pay some extra attention.

Gemini: You sometimes tend to give out more information than you should and which might result in hurting someone. Just think of what you're about to say first.

Cancer: You always feel the need to help out the people very close to you and as you're a very emotional person, their problems become yours. Try to define that thin line...

Leo: A fun week ahead of you, go for some extreme fun, not necessarily the normal things you would do, but rather memorable occasions and parties.

Virgo: What you say this week has a high impact on the people around you. Make sure to put it nicely and avoid being too pushy when asking someone for a favor or giving a close one advice.

Libra: Need to switch up your mood to the better? Well, all you need to do is step out of your bubble and try out new things. Trust us, it'll work like magic.

Scorpio: No one knows what's going through your head and while that's usually a good thing, it's sometimes better  to share some of your thoughts with the people around you.

Sagittarius: How about you dedicate this week to just stop and listen? Running around in circles without taking anything anyone tells you into consideration won't do you any good.

Capricorn: Planning a relaxing vacation? Well, it's about time! Make sure to bring along people you can have fun with, you wouldn't want to include any downers.

Aquarius: Being pessimistic only brings more negativity into your life and that's certainly not a good thing. Try stepping out of your dark cloud and change things yourself.

Pisces: Your hyper activity brings just the right amount of positivity to the people around you. Keep on shining!