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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: First Week of January 2015

Aries: We recommend you pick your friends wisely. Go for the positive ones who would love to see you go to great places, whether career or life wise.

Taurus: While you might be on level 100 when it comes to being motivated, others around you might not feel the same and you could scare them off a bit. Take it step by step and things will automatically get there.

Gemini: It might not be a bad idea to go out and meet new people, as a matter of fact, going to networking events will prove beneficial to your career. Don’t waste that chance!

Cancer: It’s all about the money money money! A project you’ve been working on for quite some time has proven to be successful and you’re finally starting to see positive results.

Leo: Building great relationships goes a long way. Make that a target of yours and get closer to the people around you, to develop a stronger connection with them.

Virgo: Taking the time and looking closer into things will help you get a different perspective on how others see many different matters. This will certainly help you widen your horizon.

Libra: Your celebration mode is on and it’s just a great feeling with tons of positive vibes. Time to plan a fun event, even if it’s a small one. Get the people who matter to you the most, so you can spend some quality time with them.

Scorpio: When things get hectic for you at work, we recommend adding your own personal touch to your surroundings. Think of cool decor pieces which will help you relax and put everything in order again.

Sagittarius: A pretty busy week for you, where you’ll be meetings a lot of interesting people. Don’t shy out of letting them know your special talent, after all some showing off won’t hurt anyone.

Capricorn: Productivity level 100! No one has the power to push as much as you do and you should use it positively, not just for your own, but by influencing others around you to excel just as hard as you.

Aquarius: There’s so much energy in you, that you'll be surprised. Having that kind of energy is both good and bad, and to make use of the good side of it, make sure to listen to people you trust whether it’s a work decision or something related to your love life.

Pisces: You’re in that dreamy state of mind and you’ll happen to find several people around you as potential candidates for a new romance. Just be sure to think about it wisely instead of following your heart blindly.

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