Weekly Horoscopes: First Week of July 2013

Fustany Team
6/30/13, 12:00 AM

Aries: Your main focus for the next period of time will be your home, family and financial stability. Make sure you start focusing on those three important elements starting today.

Taurus: You've had some pretty strong inspiration last week to push you forward this one. It's not any push we're talking about, you'll notice how much you'll be able to excel and people around you will as well.

Gemini: You've been having quite the wild year since 2012 and no one can blame you, it's super fun to be that bold and outgoing. Now, it's time to put time and effort into the plans (work wise) you've been thinking about for a while.

Cancer: This time of the year you should shine. It may come off as a deja vu, but it's certainly one you'll enjoy having.

Leo: Time to relax and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Cherish it, because you of all people know you're more of a hard worker who can rarely enjoys some time off.

Virgo: Collaborating is always a great way to go. You've been doing your best and that helped you reach the top, however you might be there on your own. Bring some people on board as well to avoid loneliness. Hint: Teamwork!

Libra: You go girl! Remember Alicia Key's song 'This Girl is On Fire'? Well, that perfectly describes how you are and no one can stop that excitement you're feeling.

Scorpio: Balancing things out is very important and especially at a time where you feel you're on top of the world, you'll need to have that something or person who pulls your feet back on the ground.

Sagittarius: Yes, you're sex appeal isn't deniable this week. Combine all important elements, from money, power and most of all people's respect together in one package and use your own appeal to your benefit.

Capricorn: You'll feel like you clicked with someone, even though you might be in a serious relationship, the bond you felt with that person you just met isn't deniable. Our advice? Keep them as a friend, it's very rare to find someone you can connect with that well.

Aquarius: Healthy is the best way to live. Make sure you go for a healthy routine, starting with working out, a great balanced diet and try to avoid the stress as much as possible. You'll need that change.

Pisces: On cloud 7? You'll love it and we recommend you take that step into a healthy relationship. They'll sweep you off of your feet!


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Fustany Team

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