Aries: Be open to new possibilities or else nothing much will change around here. How about being daring and trying out exciting things? Let’s do this!

Taurus: Things are looking good financially and that’s good news for you since you highly value that. Time to strike some new deals, but don’t just sit around and wait for them, do the needed work instead.

Gemini: While things could have been on the messy side lately with lots of miscommunication, it’s about to take a positive turn. Speak up your mind and be clear about what you have to say!

Cancer: People can be disappointing, but you’ll be the victim as long as you let yourself be one. Try to see people for who they really are and don’t add some glitter to it.

Leo: You’re social and you tend to trust people faster than you should. This week some will prove they’re very much worthy of your trust, which will lead to a stronger bond. But there are others who you kind of need to ditch to stay on your happy path.

Virgo: Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. As long as you've set your mind to it, it’s certainly doable!

Libra: If you've been waiting for the right moment for a long time, maybe you should decide it’s right now and start pushing the things you've been delaying for a while.

Scorpio: Getting into a healthy lifestyle and turning it into a routine is the best thing you can do for yourself. Start this week!

Sagittarius: Don’t let confusion get the best of you and lead you to some bad decisions. Maybe it’s time to enjoy the peace and quite this week to get a clearer mind?

Capricorn: Need attention? Let’s face it, we know you do. Instead of trying to hint for it, how about saying it directly to the ones close to you. You might need to sugar coat it a tiny bit though.

Aquarius: Your need to control the situation isn't always the best thing for you. Time to relax, lay back a bit and let things take their natural course.

Pisces: Everyone loves your positive energy and same goes for someone new about to make their way into your life. Ready?