Aries: Women of this sign, don't be afraid to take a step you've been holding back on for a long time. You never know you might just get what you've been longing for. It's now time to go social and be super active.

Taurus: It's all about keeping balance for this week. You have a full plate, but it all comes down to delegating your tasks especially when it comes to fixing relationship issues. Don't hesitate to take that step.

Gemini: Get the ball rolling and don't be afraid to push the boundaries, even if you'll need to push people you work with a bit more, but it'll certainly get you where you have to be.

Cancer: A relationship knocking on the door? We'd say if it's someone who's a pretty good listener and doesn't let you drawn into your negative emotions, then you should totally go for him.

Leo: You might come across a bit of a dilemma this week. A friend you never thought would have feelings for you, actually does, and truth is that friend might know you even better than your current partner. Think about it!

Virgo: Don't go for something unless you're sure it's the best option for you. An example for that would include signing a new offer for a job, is it what you really want, or is it the only current option you have?

Libra: You might have a brilliant business idea, but it's taking you forever to actually execute it as you need someone who's more of a doer. It's time to put your money on a table and work with someone who can do the hard work to pull off that brilliant idea of yours.

Scorpio: Creativity is your key to success, push some boundaries and speak out with the ideas you have to make your way to fame.

Sagittarius: Relationships might scare you a bit, but they shouldn't if it's with the right person; a person who respects your personal space and knows how to keep you on your toes.

Capricorn: Though you're all about being there for the people you really care about, it wouldn't actually hurt you to welcome a few new people to your life, and you never know...

Aquarius: So you're not the type of woman who does things the normal way, you always do things with a twist. However, this week we advise you to try it the other way around and do things like they should be done.

Pisces: You get distracted easily and might miss what people actually think about you, matter of fact is, they don't see you the same way you see yourself. Talk to someone you trust, that will certainly set you on the right track.