Aries: Turn your dreams into reality instead of wasting your time on planning too much, maybe you should just go for it for a change.

Taurus: You can’t keep on holding on to one thing and think you’ll be able to go for other opportunities as well. It doesn’t work like that since you’re not much of a multi-tasker. Drop one and focus on the other!

Gemini: We know you prefer being mysterious than showing what’s behind these walls of yours, but this week you’ll start opening up to someone who will end up having a special place in your heart.

Cancer: Stay away from thinking the traditional way, as it won’t get you anywhere this week. Instead, explore more creative solutions to face the different aspects in your life.

Leo: Efficiency is your name this week. Have a pile of things to get done and worried you won’t be able to pull through? Well, you shouldn’t worry, things will be done in no time, as long as your mind is set.

Virgo: It’s always better to know the truth instead of wondering, isn’t it? Time to face some serious things in life and get yourself the answers you need.

Libra: When you’re working on a new project, make sure you invest in it not only your time, but also a good amount of money to kick it off the right way!

Scorpio: You’ve been in your very own comfort zone lately, which is great, but getting out of it will prove to be harder than expected. All you need to do is push yourself towards doing things that challenge you.

Sagittarius: Big things coming along your way this week, and it makes much more sense to share it with someone special.

Capricorn: Have you been running in circles for quite some time? Don’t worry about it, things are about to calm down a bit, all you need to do is hold on just for a longer while.

Aquarius: Time to collaborate! If you’ve been seeing a great talent out there, think of creative ways you can work together to create something people will love and want.

Pisces: You might get valuable advice which your stubborn side would normally ignore, but this week you’ll actually take it into consideration.