Aries: Your astrological prediction this week is full of surprises. Some people will surprise you in both good and bad ways, and it will not take you long to know why.

Taurus: What you desire may seem like a long way ahead. Don’t worry, a Taurus has true passion and will be able to achieve it.

Gemini: A sticky situation may be coming your way, and it may seem easier to walk away and ignore it. However, life is not an easy situation so own up to it and handle it.

Cancer: Even though the Cancer is known for their wisdom and calmness, when a lover’s quarrel presents itself, leave it to the lovers to deal. It is not your responsibility to fix their mess.

Leo: How is your energy doing lately? Tired and weak? Stop spending your time with the people who encourage such actions and surround yourself with the type of people you aspire to be like.

Virgo: You may be smitten by someone who may seem like the perfect person, however you need to ask yourself are you really compatible?

Libra: Indecisiveness is the real reason you feel you are not moving forward. Sit with yourself, reflect, trust your gut feeling and take a decision once and for all.

Scorpio: Even though you haven’t really been searching, you will realize something especially significant this week. So listen intently and keep your eyes open.

Sagittarius: Making the decision alone is never enough. It would be of no value so long as you're reluctant to ground it with actions.

Capricorn: This week comes with a lot of tasks, and you will be extremely forgetful of many of them. Just keep in mind, somethings you can't afford to be forgotten.

Aquarius: Things may be looking up for you in the love department, just be patient and allow things to develop the natural way.

Pisces: A big change may be happening, and you will not be too happy about it. However, take this as a warning sign, for now it's in your hands to take charge of the change, and not let the change drive you.