Aries: They say opposites attract, and that's exactly what you need to watch out for this week. Would you like to take that risk or would rather take a distance? Totally up to you!

Taurus: When was the last time you relaxed? We recommend you take a break this week, pamper yourself and perhaps do some shopping. The way you carry yourself truly influences everything around you...

Gemini: You're pretty much going to shine! Yes, you've heard that right. Your confidence climbs up to a whole new level and you're suddenly ready for new adventures.

Cancer: Reconnect and make more time for your mother and/or daughter and besties. This is a guaranteed way to get you through any emotional phase.

Leo: Two words: socializing and organizing. First off it's time to get even more social, it's certainly fun and you love it. It's also time to go back to your organizing habit and do some extra work over there, which will clear out your thoughts.

Virgo: You love routines and this week you're getting a hold again of how things used to be. Let's just say you'll be much more relaxed that things are back to normal again...

Libra: Tons of positive vibes coming along your way. It's time for some serious celebrations and extreme boost of confidence. Don't you just love it?

Scorpio: Running low on energy and need to relax for a while? Hold on for a little bit longer and you'll be having a great vacation soon!

Sagittarius: Anyone getting on your nerves lately? It might be a good idea to hold off making a big deal out of it. Things will be getting better soon and it's wise to pick your fights.

Capricorn: People on the top tend to feel lonelier than the rest, but it's always your call to pick which lifestyle you'd like to have. We recommend you build close relationships with the people around you!

Aquarius: Explore your possibilities! Sometimes it feels like one door has completely been closed, but you need to be smart enough to realize where to look next for an open door.

Pisces: It's getting hot in here with some serious drama and it's wise for you to actually face it, confront him and share your feelings. That's the only thing you can do to try and fix things.