Aries: They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! However, we say when life gives you lemons, chuck them and make whatever you want. 

Taurus: While it takes a lot of courage to give an apology, remember that actions always speak louder than words. 

Gemini: Have your doubts about a certain friend? Don’t worry, one's true colors always appears eventually. 

Cancer: You’re being a little distant, and those around you have definitely noticed. Take time out of your day to remember those who always remember you. 

Leo: Talk is cheap! Instead of ranting on about all the things you want to do, take action and actually try to accomplish your goals and ambitions. 

Virgo: Whatever happens, remember to always think positively! After all, positive minds and positive vibes will lead to a positive lifestyle. 

Libra: The best way to get rid of the rainy black cloud following you around, is to actually enjoy the rain and embrace it.

Scorpio: Feeling a little under the weather lately? Swap the junk food for vegetables, and your caffeine for green juice.

Sagittarius: They say baking is the best kind of therapy a person can ask for! From the smell to the taste, a chocolate chip cookie can always make you smile. 

Capricorn: While things are looking dark lately, it is best to close your eyes and allow your mind to wander. The best solutions are found in dark rooms. 

Aquarius: How do you channel your inner frustration? YOU DON’T? Well then, you really need to sort that out, and fast! 

Pisces: Reach for the stars, and take a leap of faith. While these may just seem like old sayings, if you apply them to the reality, your life just might take a huge turn!