Aries: How many times did you want to pursue your dreams, but haven't been acting on it? It's high time to go ahead with your plans, no matter if it's to travel the world or study something you love.

Taurus: This week you'll be toning down the summer plans, and putting your business hat back on. Focus on your work and soon you'll see huge outcomes.

Gemini: Time for some clarity! Take time for yourself to discover who you truly are at heart, and embrace the true you.

Cancer: Not everything should be shared on social media. So think twice before posting something controversial, as it might lead to unnecessary drama.

Leo: A true Leo is one who always holds their head up high, and know their own worth. This week you'll get a high boost of ego, so make sure it doesn't turn into arrogance.

Virgo: You'll find yourself giving back to society this week, helping out the less fortunate and spreading the good all around.

Libra: If you want to change something, don't go for the fast solution, as it's not always the one that lasts. Instead, choose the options that will guarantee a lasting effect.

Scorpio: Are you ready for a change? Whether it's a new look or a stimulating journey you'll definitely be experiencing some exciting times.

Sagittarius: Now is the time to put your own wellness on top of your priority list. Take actual steps in leading a healthier lifestyle through selecting natural foods, exercising regularly and don't forget to de-stress as well.

Capricorn: Being impulsive, as much as it's needed, can sometimes lead you down the wrong road. Make sure to check where you're heading before barreling ahead.

Aquarius: Unleash your creativity, dare to follow it wherever it may lead, and you'll find yourself reaching new highs at work.

Pisces: You've been focused on accomplishing your goals for some time, and this week you'll finally be able to see the results of all your hard work.