Aries: It’s all about introducing a new and fun routine into your lifestyle. Take risks, try out exciting things. You’re in charge here!

Taurus: Get rid of what weighs you down. You might not see it now, but sooner or later it’ll hit you. Do it once and for all!

Gemini: Don’t like it? Change it! It’s as simple as that and you need to know that change always comes from within.

Cancer: Things were moving quite slowly, but they're about to change to a much faster pace. Speed can be a good thing!

Leo: When in doubt, ask someone you trust instead of letting things burden you for a long while. It’s always good to speak your mind up.

Virgo: They want you to change things, but you’re not quite convinced. Our advice is to follow your heart and no one else. It’s your decision at the end of the day.

Libra: Don’t allow your mood swings to get into the way of something good. Think it thoroughly with your head and heart before making a decision. Give it a few days!

Scorpio: Your positive energy is contagious and that’s why this week you’ll have a great impact on the people surrounding you, adding rays of optimism into their lives.

Sagittarius: Take the road less traveled by and explore things from a different perspective, which only you would be able to appreciate and see this way.

Capricorn: Discussing exciting plans? Don’t let them overwhelm you. Take your time and sort things out in a way that will suit you best.

Aquarius: Quality time is needed. Put some effort into delegating your work tasks and use your extra time to give yourself the needed attention, not to mention the ones around you too.

Pisces: Change is on its way, but are you ready for it? Make sure to do your research well, to meet expectations and impress everyone around you.