Aries: Being patient was never your strongest point, but moving forward you’ll be more tolerant and it’ll definitely be in your best interest.

Taurus: This week is all about "take it or leave it." There’s no grey for you. You’ll either get into a relationship, take one to the next step or just walk the other way.

Gemini: You’ve been thinking about it for some time, should that person be part of my life or not? We think you’re finally ready to take that step.

Cancer: Maybe it’s time to follow a systematic routine instead of just being all over the place? We know you’re all about organizing things, but getting into the habit might take some time, so start now!

Leo: It’s time to unleash your romantic side as lots of exciting surprises are coming your way. Are you ready for it?

Virgo: It’s important to have some time for yourself, but don’t upset anyone in the process. Just be clear about it, instead of disappearing and letting them wonder where you’ve gone.

Libra: You’ll need to work twice as hard as you’ve been working before and an interesting partnership might be on its way, which will help you get to the next step.

Scorpio: It’s time to celebrate not just the holiday season, but also your achievements, with your family and friends.

Sagittarius: Even though we know you’ve been doing your best, but now you will need to triple your effort and work even harder as you have some exciting challenges along the way. What we can tell you though, is that it’ll be a great practice for how much you can excel compared to others.

Capricorn: You’re more of a doer than a talker and this week you’ll witness a completely new experience achieving things. All you have to do, is put yourself in a positive and relaxing environment.

Aquarius: You’re feeling stronger and you’re having a much clearer vision now! How about exploring a new path that you might have been too stubborn to follow?

Pisces: Forget that dreamy side of yours, now it’s all about getting things done and achieving your goals. Hard work with lots of effort and long hours will go behind that, but at the end you’ll be very proud.