Aries: If things are not going your own way, maybe it's time to take a step back and think about what you might have done wrong. Analyze and fix!

Taurus: You have a big project coming up and it's time for some fantastic team work, which will also result in tons of fun.

Gemini: You've received some great news this week and it's an awesome reward to what you've been working hard on lately. Take some time to relax now and then push again...

Cancer: You love to travel and the great news is you'll be doing so pretty soon. Get ready and bring on the excitement!

Leo: It's time to connect with your inner self. How? Meditation, yoga, some fun sports and all the needed energy will come to you at a time you'll need it the most.

Virgo: You'll often find yourself torn between two decisions: Should I go for it or just ignore it? It's time to face your inner demon and make a decision already. People are not always going to wait for you...

Libra: If you're dating a new guy, it's fine if you're already planning a future ahead, (that is in your head), but whatever you do, make sure you keep those thoughts to yourself or else you'll end up freaking him out.

Scorpio: It's all about romance for you this week and Cupid is about to make a hit. So if you're single, go out and meet new people, and if you're in a relationship, it's time to give it some extra attention.

Sagittarius: Feeling a bit lazy lately? Whoever told you that's a bad thing, doesn't really know how much of a hard worker you are. Slip into a more chilled lifestyle for a while, it'll be a good change for you.

Capricorn: Share your success with the people around you instead of just enjoying it on your own, it feels so much better.

Aquarius: We know you prefer things well planned, but when they're not, don't freak out and try to handle things with a calm and positive attitude.

Pisces: Has someone been causing a great deal of trouble in your life lately? The good news is, this week you'll be able to finally ditch them and move on.