Aries: So you've been in a rebellious mood lately? It's fine, you should try it out for a change and you'll notice that the people around you are loving it!

Taurus: Now that you've relaxed a bit, it's time to dig in again and this time a bit harder. Remember work hard, then play harder.

Gemini: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest player of them all? Yes, it's you! And maybe it's not such a bad thing to keep your options open for a while to make sure you've made the right decision.

Cancer: Sensitive gone wild! Not wild in a bad sense, but you feel the urge to explore and hit the road for some adventures. Go for it!

Leo: An old friend will walk into your life, make sure to welcome them with an open mindset.

Virgo: Relax and take it easy! We know you're sensitive but to be able to enjoy the things around you, you might need to look at them a bit differently.

Libra: You need to decide where the relationship in your life is taking you, high or low? This is a decision only you can make!

Scorpio: Vacation is about to hit on your door, soon you'll be able to enjoy yourself and relax.

Sagittarius: A hopeless romantic who will do anything for love. Be careful there's a big difference between giving it all you have because you want to and because you have to.

Capricorn: You need some rest. We know it's hard to unplug you from your daily and very busy life, but let's face it everyone needs to do that every once in a while.

Aquarius: Though you're known for being great with words, your very determined opinion might not do you good this week. Just try to be a bit more flexible!

Pisces: Back to reality and time to focus a bit on your financials. Take some time to do your calculations and explore new ideas of how to get more cash flowing.