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Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of July 2015

Aries: This week is all about challenges. Whatever tough circumstances you are put in, don’t turn your back, challenge yourself to strive.

Taurus: Have a lot of drama lately? Instead of thinking why does drama follow me around, think that you are the strongest person to deal with it. Always envision the cup half full.

Gemini: Don’t compare yourself to others, for there is nobody out there that's remotely similar to you. Embrace your uniqueness and paint the town red.

Cancer: You're probably thinking there is nothing better than tanning by the beach. However, you need to remember to take full advantage of your time, because before you know it, you’ll be super busy. 

Leo: A decision is not effective until an action has been taken. So, the next time you decide on something, follow up with an action, bringing that decision to life. 

Virgo: Patience is a virtue, and the best way to establish patience is to physically and mentally train yourself. Go ahead and embrace the virtue, you will notice a major difference in your life.

Libra: Feeling like you are in a style rut? It is time to funk things up a bit. Take out that old t-shirt that you haven’t worn in years and style it up. Old is gold!

Scorpio: Want to try something new, but don’t know what? Newsflash, you will never know until you try everything to figure out the one thing you like. So, go ahead, try and discover.

Sagittarius: While sometimes you maybe forced to do things you don’t want to, remember you are a source of sunshine. So, technically you are doing good as you go through life, ever thought of that?

Capricorn: The positivity cloud seems to follow you a lot lately, and you are definitely enjoying it. Perhaps you have found your calling? Act fast before it disappears.

Aquarius: Friendships bring a lot of joy to life, but you have to remember to nourish the relationships so they can last you a lifetime.

Pisces: Feeling a little down lately? Try writing down your feelings and critically think of the best way to fix the state you are in. It is the simple methods that have such a great outcome.

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