Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of June 2015

Fustany Team
6/21/15, 12:00 AM

Aries: Switch out your late nights watching TV for more productive mornings. You’ll realize you can get a lot more done.

Taurus: Life may seem really hectic lately, and all you want to do is just relax and do nothing. But, think of it this way, life would just be boring without countless actions. 

Gemini: How about pampering yourself a little? No need to head far, just turn your shower into your very own personal spa. Nothing beats a refreshed feeling after a long day. 

Cancer: Thinking of trying something new but can’t find anyone to do it with? Who needs a plus one, you are all the company you need sometimes. 

Leo: Torn between two important decisions? Your instinct is always right, even if deep down it is not the choice you would have wanted. 

Virgo: Living in a mess has a huge impact on your mood and lifestyle? Take a day to redecorate and organize your home and priorities. 

Libra: Tired of the never ending to-do list? Try to look on the bright side, your friends and family depend on you a lot which means you are loved.

Scorpio: You are known for being original. So, how about hosting your loved ones for a night they will never forget. 

Sagittarius: Challenging yourself starts with readjusting your mindset. How about you think of where you want to be in the next few years and start right now?

Capricorn: You’ve probably noticed that things have been a little messy lately, right? No worries, everyone has ups and downs, just get back on that bicycle and keep pedaling.

Aquarius: Greece or Tokyo? It doesn’t really matter, because an adventure is what you make of it. Pick your next destination and go forth with all your might. 

Pisces: Life is all about taking risks. Don’t hesitate, because you are on the road to self discovery, and what you will find is mesmerizing. 


You can tell a lot about a person from their star sign! Click here to know more about the Horoscopes.


Fustany Team

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Fustany.com is a fashion & lifestyle portal by Arab women for
arab women to inspire them to live a life full of creativity.

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