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Lifestyle Header image article main weekly horoscope first week of january 2014

| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of March 2014

Aries: It's time for some extra creativity to be added to your plate, offering you a new perspective to life. You're going to love it!

Taurus: The 'oh I'm so popular' wave is about to hit you this week, which will help you meet new people and tag along to exciting adventures.

Gemini: Stop being way too bossy, or else the people around you will start to question your leadership skills.

Cancer: Don't hold back your feelings for too long, or else things might get ugly. Have something on your mind? Speak up!

Leo: Your charm is about to double, if not triple this week. All you need to do is use it wisely.

Virgo: You might think it's much easier for things to work out with someone just like you, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Time for some exploring!

Libra: It's going to be all about the little details this week. Listen closely, you might find out new things you haven't been paying attention to.

Scorpio: Time to go wild with your style and rule your circle of friends. After all, we know you've got enough charisma and charm to do that!

Sagittarius: Relax and don't let the people who disturb your peace in. It's as simple as that! The only way to not having them rain on your parade is by blocking them out for a while!

Capricorn: Time to mingle and close some new deals, but while you're at it, make sure you don't ignore the loved ones in your life.

Aquarius: If you're having trouble figuring out how to pay the bills, maybe it's time to get a bit more creative about it. Maybe offering new services to a client would come in handy?

Pisces: Whatever challenges you might face this week, you need to know deep inside that life goes on..

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