Aries: Feeling down this week? Try to think of things in a more positive way. As you know everything has two sides and what may seem as terrible this week, is actually going to do you more good than bad on the long run.

Taurus: Running in circles? Well, that's what happens when you take on more projects than you can actually handle. Slow down a bit and make sure you've aligned your priorities.

Gemini: Playing hard to get? While it might usually work in your best interest, this week things are taking another turn. Try to be more outgoing...

Cancer: Spending time with your friends puts you in the right mood! That's certainly what you need to do more of the next few days.

Leo: Not feeling inspired? Well, knowing you, you'll be doing your best to avoid that from happening. Our advice is to try and take a day off to just clear out your head and perhaps include some meditation to your day.

Virgo: What do you think of some bonding time with your family? We highly recommend you connect with them even more, especially if things weren't going the way you wanted them to lately.

Libra: Talking about a problem over and over again neither solves it nor is healthy for you. Instead discuss it once reasonably and then try to work on solving it.

Scorpio: Stressed? Well, you do know that you perform much better when under pressure, so use it in your own benefit.

Sagittarius: Being in denial is a terrible quality and it really never helps you get anywhere. What to do instead? Take matters into your own facts and face your fears bravely...

Capricorn: Hard work results in great achievements, and that's exactly what your motto should be for this week.

Aquarius: Push push and some more push. Have you thought that you might be pushing into the wrong direction? Maybe things need a twist in order to actually work out.

Pisces: Lost something valuable? The best way to deal with it is to think of it as an item rather than something you were attached to. Take it lightly as everything happens for a reason.