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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of October 2013

Aries: It's now time to make a decision, are you still going to give it a try or are you out for good?

Taurus: Clarity time! If you don't work extremely hard and efficiently, you're not going to get anywhere soon. Don't forget to give people some attitude, they sometimes need it.

Gemini: Missing someone? It's as simple as that, just let them know.

Cancer: Back on track? Show them how things are done properly and don't take no for an answer!

Leo: One of the close people in your life needs all the support they can get, and you're the best person to give him/her that.

Virgo: Excitement coming along your way with something you've been truly looking forward to for a long time now.

Libra: Is your body not doing that well? Don't be too harsh on yourself and take some time to relax and rest, after all you need it.

Scorpio: You know what they say; work hard and party harder. And since last week was full of partying and fun moments, this week we tell you to take things a bit slow and direct your focus more towards work.

Sagittarius: Just because you're confused, it does not mean you have to confuse the people around you as well. Simply make a decision, it has to be done!

Capricorn: Work, work and work. Yes, we know you've got your hands full but something good is certainly coming out of it. 

Aquarius: It's time to spice up your life a bit. Make a to do list with tons of fun activities and challenges and start doing them.

Pisces: You hate boring and that's what life has been giving you lately. Try to twist things around a bit and go for fun activities which can easily change things for you.

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