Aries: Sometimes life needs a little revamping, and that is perfectly okay. Jump on the train and make your way over to the other side of the tunnel for a new look.

Taurus: When things seem to be all over the place, take charge, because that is what you are good at. Organize everything, set the plan and begin execution! 

Gemini: While your love life seems to be stable, remember not to forget your friends, as they were the ones there for you before this mysterious person appeared. 

Cancer: While worrying about a friend is normal, you need to make sure it doesn’t lead to an argument. Sometimes all you can do is express concern and be there for support.

Leo: Excuses are words for the weak. YOU need to decide, are you part of team strength or team weakness?

Virgo: Feeling a little lost lately? Try digging up your old childhood toys and memories, you might discover something you have been searching for.

Libra: You seem to have lost your glow lately and you know it. Ask yourself, when was the last time you really smiled? 

Scorpio: Looking for that needed inspiration. Step away from the technology and give real life a chance, it may just surprise you.

Sagittarius: While things in your life may seem confusing a lot lately, you need to ask yourself, is it worth focusing on the confusion? Maybe it's better to have a goal to focus on.

Capricorn: Lovers come and go, but a good friend will never go. Remember that the next time your phone rings or you receive a random email.

Aquarius: Deep down you know the truth, so stop running around like a lost soul and just listen to your gut. 

Pieces: Things have been going really good for you lately. Stop questioning and just enjoy the wave, think of it as your body refueling.