Aries: You're the star this week! Time for you to shine and get back on track again. You finally managed to put some of your worries behind and that definitely has a huge impact on the way people see you. Tip: Don't be afraid to be a bit flirty.

Taurus: While you might have your lazy moments this week, we have to say there's going to be a lot of very active and productive ones as well. It's not just work related, but relationships with your friends and family too.

Gemini: You love being a social butterfly and though it was never hard for you to make friends, this week you'll come across someone who you really want to leave a great impression on, but might find it a bit hard to do so.

Cancer: Have you had a very daring dream you've been wanting to go for, but didn't have the guts to do it? Well, this week we recommend you think about it again, because it's not as hard nor impossible as you always thought it was.

Leo: Go Leo, it's your birthday! There's no doubt you'll be the star this week and let's face it, the whole month. You'll be very motivated to try out new things and we suggest you take a loved one with you for some extra fun.

Virgo: Time for some relaxation, after all you deserve to enjoy the lazy feeling a bit. As much as you like to have everything organized, it doesn't hurt to let it go just for one week.

Libra: Get dressed up and all pretty, as it's time to have some fun this summer. Mingle with people and show off your very entertaining side everyone loves.

Scorpio: You might not be very excited about the fact that you have to work so hard, but what you don't know is that you have a great opportunity to advance much faster than everyone else. That's worth it!

Sagittarius: If you like it then you should have put a ring on it, NOT! You're about to break free, but wait a second and think about it wisely. Is that what would really make you happy?

Capricorn: Time to unleash your inner sexy! Leave all your worries behind and enjoy the different and small details about life. You'll be surprised how amazing it feels...

Aquarius: This week it's a good idea to show everyone around you how much you love them, which is brilliant; whether through cooking amazing meals, getting them cute gifts or taking them out to a nice fancy place.

Pisces: Lazy times are long gone for you dear Pisces. If you don't push as hard as you can, you might regret everyone else advancing but you very soon.