Aries: The things that make you weird are also the things that make you quite special. What we’re trying to say here, is not to be afraid to show the world who you really are, because being comfortable with your true self, is the best thing that could ever happen.

Taurus: What’s been bugging you? We might have the answer to that. Have you been feeling overly sensitive for quite some time? Things are about to change for the better. Just think about it for a second; were you too harsh on someone the past period? If the answer is yes, work on making things go smoother, one by one.

Gemini: Having a connection with people you meet is something you can easily establish, but it doesn’t mean they’ll hold a special place in your life, it just means you’re good at communication. This week you’ll need to tell the difference.

Cancer: We all know you like to play by the rules, but sometimes this will not get you anywhere. We’re not telling you to play tricks either, but keep things creative and show your true assets instead of doing everything the same old way.

Leo: Embrace the change, because that’s the time where you can show people what you’re truly made of and you just love that, don’t you? Get ready for a quite exciting ride!

Virgo: It’s all about finding that right balance between body and mind, which will do wonders for you. Spend some time investing in yourself, no one has ever regretted that. You’ll surely come out with a fresh perspective on things.

Libra: Things going too steady make a relationship quite boring for you. What you need is some shaking up and that’s exactly what will happen this week. Here’s the thing, remember it’s all about proper communication!

Scorpio: Don’t keep on doing things the same way and expect different results, that rarely ever happens. You need change and instead of planning for it, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands.

Sagittarius: Honesty is the best way to face any problem you might come across, especially when it comes to someone you highly value. Playing games or just cutting things off won’t do you any good on the long run. 

Capricorn: Exhausted? That’s probably due to the amount of load you’re carrying on your shoulders. Try to free yourself a bit up and stop taking on more than you can actually chew.

Aquarius: Surround yourself with people who will help you grow and constantly inspire you to push harder and break the boundaries. By doing that, you’ll always have something exciting to do in your life to avoid getting restless.

Pisces: Reconnecting with your friends is what you need now the most. Don’t rush into anything and don’t over-think, but keeping yourself busy with people who care about you will bring out your confident side even more.