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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Second Week of December 2013

Aries: Something is certainly bothering you, but the most important thing here is not let it take over. Make sure you give your health the needed attention, after all nothing is really worth feeling down.

Taurus: What you might have not even considered as an option last week, seems to be all you're thinking about this week. No one can decide for you, but we advise you give it proper time to think it through.

Gemini: Miss sunshine in the midst of a foggy weather. Yes, that's exactly what you're doing. Your positivity and smile can get you through anything.

Cancer: Someone close to you has been preoccupied with some disturbing thoughts and because you care too much it's getting to you too. A piece of advice? Don't pressure them to talk about it, just be there for them, that's the best thing you can do.

Leo: Something worrying you? Well, the best medicine for that is to stay happy, and do tons of fun things you enjoy. There's no better way!

Virgo: Spread your sexy wings and make a move. Show your confident side and you can definitely get what you want.

Libra: You're awfully quite this week thinking about someone you really miss. How about you speak up and let that person know instead of sharing it only with yourself?

Scorpio: How about you do something spontaneous this week? Like going overdressed to work, pampering yourself or perhaps just going for a run down the street.

Sagittarius: Tic toc tic toc, you need to decide where you're heading next. Waiting for too long might just ruin things for you.

Capricorn: Although you're usually very focused when it comes to work and your career path, something else might have been occupying your mind lately. Put on some happy music and re-focus again on work.

Aquarius: Be strong and positive is an important piece of advice for you this week!

Pisces: You know when they say think before you act? Well, do the exact opposite, try it out this week and the outcome might surprise you. 

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