Aries: Watch your back, someone is watching every move you're doing. Don’t give away details about an upcoming project or plans, they might want to steal that great idea of yours.

Taurus: You better get organized and plan things ahead this week, the more organized the better results you’ll get. This week is all about preparations.

Gemini: No more doubts this week, you’re finally stable and free of judgments. Take advantage of the situation and use your positive energy to complete that thing you were working on.

Cancer: Don’t try to force things this week with that one person you really like, things looking good for you already this week, so let things go smoothly and let it be.

Leo: Fighting temptations may be hard this week, so don’t give in to calling that one person you’ve been really wanting to call for a while now, avoid contacting them, it will only hurt you again.

Virgo: Many things are happening this week, a heated conversation could break things for you at work, and a one on one conversation can bring you closer to someone you admire.

Libra: Don’t be afraid to delegate someone trust-worthy this week so you can enjoy some time off, also don’t be afraid to set boundaries to that one person who has been crossing red lines.

Scorpio: You need to control your impulses when it comes to romance this week, take things easy so you don’t get hurt.

Sagittarius: Giving your loved ones expensive gifts may seem appealing, but it’s better to stick to budget-friendly items this week. They’ll love the fact you cared enough to get them thoughtful presents.

Capricorn: This week is looking good for you! Your love life seems better; you'll either get closer to your loved one or you’ll bond with someone you like. Even at work things are looking good for you with some effort put into organization.

Aquarius: It’s very important for you to pick the right person to talk to this week; some major career goals may be achieved. You also need to spiritually free yourself from everything bothering you.

Pisces: It's the holiday season, and it looks like a get-together is holding for you a special person you’ve been waiting to meet. You also don’t need to agree to all the plans, take time to enjoy and relax.