Aries: This week is all about you being super social, from meeting new people to attending exciting events. Enjoy yourself and just have fun!

Taurus: Drastic changes are taking over your life, but you need to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, and it's for the best...

Gemini: You're the kind of person who knows lots of people, and this week you'll find yourself connecting and introducing strangers to each other. Don't get yourself into match-making though, because that's just unneeded drama.

Cancer: Stop being humble and start enjoying to take some credit for the amazing work you've been doing.

Leo: You feel like sharing what's going on inside of your head, but be careful, there's a difference between being honest and hurting the people in front of you. We trust you to make the right decisions...

Virgo: Liberate yourself from the situations and people who are bringing you down or draining your energy. It's time to focus on yourself for a change.

Libra: It's time to show that special someone in your life how much he means to you. Get out of your way and plan some romantic and thoughtful activities.

Scorpio: There are so many details you'll be taking in this week and things might seem a bit chaotic for you, but if you just take your time to think about it all, things will start making sense eventually.

Sagittarius: Bring on your wow-factor and amaze the people around you, they are eagerly looking forward to knowing what you have coming up next.

Capricorn: You have a long way ahead of you to reach a certain goal in your mind, but make sure you have what it takes to achieve it. Remember that patience is the most important thing you'll need to have this week.

Aquarius: It's time for some brainstorming as you have big plans coming up, which need both your creativity and some careful planning.

Pisces: Usually money isn't an issue for you, but this week you need to be extra careful and avoid spending it on things that won't really matter.