Aries: A weird wave is coming along your way and it’s bringing you extra inspiration. You’ll find yourself doing some awesome things you didn’t think you can pull off.

Taurus: What you can do with the right people is far more powerful than what you can do on your own. Having said that, you also need to be very careful of what you say around people close to you, someone might be playing on both sides.

Gemini: If you don’t start taking positive steps towards your goal, boredom might hit in soon and you’ll start rethinking things again.

Cancer: You’ve had enough from everyone’s drama and feel like you need a getaway? Don’t overthink it and just do it. It’s time for some time dedicated to yourself and your own relaxation.

Leo: Some things have been bothering you for quite some time. Don’t you think it’s high time to work on your knots? Trust us on this, doing so will help you have a brilliant year.

Virgo: You’ll find yourself overly emotional this week and the idea of getting couple-y will become more tempting than ever. Take a step back to see the full picture.

Libra: Tons of work coming along your way and for you to excel like you usually do, you should prepare yourself mentally. Time for a daily yoga session?

Scorpio: You’re finally ready again to keep an eye out for interesting people who could enter your life. Just remember, you’re the one who has control over who’s allowed to come in and who has to go out of it.

Sagittarius: Ignoring your emotions or trying to slow them down is never the solution and this week you’ll truly discover that it’s not even doable.

Capricorn: You have the power to make a difference as a lot of people look highly up to you and care about your opinion. Make sure you use that wisely and always try to be fair!

Aquarius: Speak up if you don’t like something and don’t just go with the flow. Better now than later, as you’ll be able to have full control of your emotions.

Pisces: Bold moves! Yes, that’s what you should be doing this week. Don’t shy away from these bold moves or overthink it, as you’ll end up spending more time regretting it.