Aries: Timing is everything. Be patient, because everything will come to you at the right moment. 

Taurus: This week you'll discover an inner power! Once you unleash it, amazing things will start to happen.

Gemini: Are you holding back what your heart desires? Don't worry what others think, and do what makes you comfortable.

Cancer: Do you feel like you want to run away and leave everything behind? Maybe you just need a little break, and everything will get back on track.

Leo: Is your circle of friends shrinking? Remember, it's always about the quality and not the quantity.

Virgo: Give yourself the time to enjoy life's little pleasures. Enjoying breakfast in bed doesn't seem like a bad idea after all. Right?

Libra: You are about to sign up to new activities. Choose your company wisely, and don't forget to add your own spin to things.

Scorpio: You might find yourself at crossroads this week. Trust your gut feeling in times of change, and keep moving forward.

Sagittarius: It looks like you'll finally start taking your indulgences seriously this week. Our advise: totally go for it!

Capricorn: You might face some challenges this week, but this will only teach you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Aquarius: Everyone loves a good mystery every now and then, and this week will certainly not be dull.

Pisces: Don't be afraid to stand apart from the crowd. It takes time to have that kind of courage, but it's totally worth it.