Aries: Are things still looking confusing? Well, we say stop focusing on the small details that don't necessarily make sense and focus on the more positive things around you. Guess what? It'll start reflecting on your actions.

Taurus: Feeling overwhelmed? Then all you need to do is ask the people around you (close ones) to lend a helping hand, and you'll be surprised at how helpful they are.

Gemini: You've been working hard and it's time for a reward, a financial one perhaps? Our advice to you is to take the normal route, don't try to skip a few steps here and there to arrive there faster.

Cancer: They say you're one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, but we say prove them wrong this week. Don't be afraid to express yourself and don't let anyone get into your way. Go bold and take risks.

Leo: Show people around you how much you love them and care about them, it's the closest people to you who deserve the most attention.

Virgo: You like to be surrounded with fun people and this week you'll get to meet new exciting fellows who will add some extra sparkle to your life.

Libra: Be anything but lazy this week, you need to get things done, so work your way to them to make a difference.

Scorpio: It's all about taking risks this week! Whether it's a risk at work, an unexpected adventurous vacation or something on the romantic side. Say yes and take the risk!

Sagittarius: Don't let anyone overstep you or take advantage of you, you're so much stronger than that and people should appreciate your kindness, not use it against you.

Capricorn: An interesting person is about to enter your life, whether someone you can be romantically involved with or have as a great business partner to conquer the world. You've known that person for a while, but never actually given much attention to them.

Aquarius: Maybe this week it's time to take things a bit slower. Relax and make sure you let the demanding people around you know you're doing that.

Pisces: It's time to try like never before. There's no time to waste and you have to do your best and relax a bit later down the line.