Aries: You might find yourself overloaded with unclear thoughts, and the only way to get rid of that is to finally face your demons, and perhaps some meditation will help too.

Taurus: If you want to say something, just spill it out. It’s as simple as that, or else no one would actually get what you’re thinking deep inside.

Gemini: Be careful who you spend most of your time with, as you basically become like them. You wouldn’t want to be giving off the wrong impression about yourself, now do you?

Cancer: We know you’re definitely among the kindest and most caring horoscope signs, but that doesn’t mean you let people take advantage of you. You’ll only end up overloaded with too much of their work and more responsibilities.

Leo: Enthusiastic is the right word to describe your positive energy this week. Keep spreading it, it could be contagious!

Virgo: We advise you to try and reduce your controlling side. You can’t always have control over everything and you’ll just end up exhausted. One by one and you’ll be able to get rid of it…

Libra: Time to be more open to new possibilities. Let’s take romance as an example, you need to be flexible enough to the idea of meeting the right one at one of the most random places. Don’t close that door!

Scorpio: Stand your ground when it comes to negotiations and take your time to think things through, you wouldn’t want to be rushed towards taking any decision.

Sagittarius: Time to prioritize things or else you’ll end up having too much on your plate. Get some help from someone you trust or think of hiring an assistant if it’s work related, but you need to change things to be able to relax a bit.

Capricorn: Time to plan a fun reunion. We know you’ve got your hands full already, but there's probably a group of friends you miss and haven’t seen for a while now. It’ll certainly add some positive vibes to your week.

Aquarius: Are you doing what you truly love? Re-evaluate things and try to go back to what made you start it in the beginning, maybe then you’ll get that needed passion back.

Pisces: Seems like you’ve forgotten your real worth and how awesome you truly are. Maybe surrounding yourself with your close friends and people who know you the most would help get you back on track? Try it out!