Aries: The spotlight is on you this week, but the trick is to try and share it with the ones around you. They will really appreciate it.

Taurus: If the people around you are in constant competition or there’s a certain argument happening, don’t take any sides, but instead try to help both understand each other’s point of view.

Gemini: When doubting your decision, it’s always wise to ask the ones around you that really earned your trust. They’ll surely have something useful to add!

Cancer: Going through a hard time lately? It’s totally fine to take some time off in your cave, relax, reflect and let your emotions flow.

Leo: Your spreading sunshine everywhere and it won’t only reflect in the people around you, but more importantly on the way you handle things.

Virgo: Some people might disappoint you and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t be fully dependent on anyone.

Libra: If you’ve been slow lately especially when it comes to work, maybe it’s time to delegate instead of doing it all on your own, and get a chance to re-energize again.

Scorpio: This week you’ve got what it takes to push mountains. Yes, that is how strong your will is and you need to make full use of it for some great results!

Sagittarius: We know you’re unstoppable, however this week you’ll come to discover that the reason you’re not reaching your goals is that you’re either aiming way too high or way too low.

Capricorn: Stop thinking about everything in a logical way, because life isn’t meant to be lived nor enjoyed this way!

Aquarius: You love spending time around people, but sometimes too much time spent with them may leave you wanting to take some time apart. It’s important for you this week to find the balance.

Pisces: Time to set up new goals for yourself and follow them through. That’s the only way you’ll be able to discover your full potential.