Aries: Romance is coming along your way pretty soon, so make sure you're ready for it and most importantly don't over-think things.

Taurus: The problem is you're not looking far enough. Mr. Right isn't necessarily within your close circle, but start thinking of a wider circle you've met before. Perhaps a summer fling a few years ago?

Gemini: This week you'll be using your charm for some attention from someone who hasn't been giving you their full concentration.

Cancer: You're thinking of getting out of a relationship though you're still madly in love. But you know love isn't about the sparkles but also how compatible both of you are together.

Leo: Time for some fitness and adapting a healthy lifestyle, as you have been delaying it for quite some time now.

Virgo: The more time and effort you invest in a relationship, the better the outcome. Don't forget compromising is the key!

Libra: Never fall in head over heels, make sure to test waters first...

Scorpio: Best friends or is it a little bit more? Think clearly about it and make sure both of you are on the same page.

Sagittarius: There's a thin line if you cross it, you get friend zoned! Make sure you don't step directly into that trap.

Capricorn: It's hard for anyone to resist you this week, which will make it easier for you to get exactly what you want.

Aquarius: This week you should totally follow your heart instead of following reason. Sometimes thinking too much results in wasting too much time.

Pisces: While you might think keeping things casual is the best way to go at the moment, but you might be taking other people for granted.