Aries: Time to approach life differently. Challenge yourself on every aspect, try new things which will get that adrenaline rush of yours going to level 100. Refreshing, right?

Taurus: Sometimes unplanned things can have a much better result than things you’ve been thoughtfully organizing for quite some time.

Gemini: You might be a bit too pushy with someone you’re interested in. They want things to go one way, but you’re trying to have it take a different turn. Compromise!

Cancer: Shy doesn’t always do the trick, especially when you’re approaching someone you’re interested in. Go with a different approach.

Leo: New projects up your sleeves? Share them and turn them into reality. The people around you will surely appreciate you taking initiative.

Virgo: The best way to trick a fool is by making them believe that they are tricking you. Pretend you’re going with the flow and then give them a little surprise at the end.

Libra: Keeping that balance is everything, and while you might struggle a bit with it, realizing the problem is always a starting point.

Scorpio: You love being in control as it brings a great side of you, but make sure you don’t overstep or demotivate anyone in the process.

Sagittarius: Usually when you’re in doubt you don’t go for it, but how about trying something different this week? If you’re hesitant, give it a try anyway.

Capricorn: Don’t take fast and un-calculated decisions this week. It’s better you give yourself the time and clarity of mind.

Aquarius: Always trust your gut feeling, because if something doesn’t seem right, then it’s probably so for a reason. Still not sure? Ask someone close to you to guide you.

Pisces: You’re trying hard to prove everyone wrong, but that’s not the way it should be. Think about it that way, you should be trying hard to prove to yourself that there’s nothing you can’t do.