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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Second Week of October 2013

Aries: You're waiting eagerly for some exciting upcoming events, but the question remains, what to do about a certain situation on your mind for a long time? Time for action!

Taurus: It's one of those weeks where much awaited results will be revealed. Stay strong and optimistic, that's really all you can do...

Gemini: A week full of happiness and exciting events for you. Celebrate in style!

Cancer: Don't let them annoy you with their impoliteness, after all they really don't know better. Just relax and be happy!

Leo: Though the week didn't start perfectly, it's soon going to take a more positive turn.

Virgo: If you keep focusing on what annoys you about someone, you'll never be productive. Stay focused on your goal, that's the best piece of advice we can give you!

Libra: You're not a person who likes drama that much, and that's mainly the reason why you need to get rid of it. Spend some time working out your problems and things will be drama-less as you move forward.

Scorpio: YOU is the important word here. Take this week and even the next one to pamper yourself and focus on things you personally want to do.

Sagittarius: Pressure is surrounding you everywhere and the only way to get rid of it, is to speak your mind. No one will know what you're thinking unless you say it loud and clear!

Capricorn: You really dislike the feeling of someone closing in on your freedom, and that's why you need to communicate it with that special someone in your life.

Aquarius: Someone special is about to enter your life. Make sure you welcome them properly.

Pisces: You're going to feel a great energy boost in everything you do, from work, workouts, going out with your friends and the way you deal with people. It's certainly refreshing!

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