Aries: Time to close that past chapter and begin on that new chapter of yours. You know it is going to be great, all you need to do is embrace it. 

Taurus: Multi tasking is a form of art. So whenever you have too much to do, throw your worries away and just do some art. 

Gemini: From lovers to friends, the transition can be hard, but sometimes life leads you down a certain path for a very good reason. Keep your eyes open. 

Cancer: They say life is all about embracing the special moments. Remember not to take them for granted, as they will serve for great memories later on. 

Leo: No matter how tired you may be, always remember you are a lot stronger than you realize. Load up on coffee, put a smile on your face and hit the start button. 

Virgo: Sometimes all you need to do is blast some music and dance all your worries away. Remember this the next time you need an outlet. 

Libra: You’re about to face a lot of pressure lately, but don’t worry, all you need to do is bring out your inner super hero and handle pressure with grace. 

Scorpio: Your hobby is about to turn into a major lifetime achievement, always remember to do what you love to love what you do. 

Sagittarius: Your friends always turn to you for help and advice. While tough love is necessary, give them some comfort from time to time. 

Capricorn: Looking for that push to take things to the next level? Stop looking and just jump forward. 

Aquarius: You maybe feeling a little bored lately? But, something big is about to happen soon, keep your eyes open. 

Pisces: Hesitant about making that decision lately? Go on and step out of your comfort zone, because that is when you learn new things.