Aries: You've got a very unique way of analyzing what's going on around you. How about passing on some of that wisdom?

Taurus: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, that's your motto for this week as you try super hard to overcome a few issues and learn from them.

Gemini: You need an adventure and something new to try out! Don't wait too long to make it happen as we all know you get bored pretty fast.

Cancer: Though you're known for putting your family as your priority, this week things will change a bit. It's fine to be selfish and think of yourself first just for a week.

Leo: Keep laying low for a while longer, you don't want to get involved in the drama around you.

Virgo: You're known for a unique sense of humor and sarcastic approach to life. Use that to put a smile on your family and friend's faces.

Libra: You've been pushing but life has been pushing against you? It's about to change, hang in there, it's going to happen soon!

Scorpio: Relax and take it easy! Yes, this is your approach to life this week and it's fantastic.

Sagittarius: You're always the best at something you're passionate about and end up shinning like a star. This week it's time to use your talents to help push a friend towards the right direction.

Capricorn: Relax, it's a joke! Keep that sentence in mind as you might not tell the difference between a joke and a serious statement due to overloading yourself with work.

Aquarius: When life gives you lemons, make some delicious pink lemonade out of it. You have that ability to turn things around and soon you will.

Pisces: Should I be in or out? The question on your mind this week. Well, no distractions you need to decide for good.