Aries: You're about to make some drastic changes to your life, whether it's a decision you're finally sticking to, or doing something that will certainly set you free. All we can tell you is kudos!

Taurus: We know you don't have much time on your hand, but this week you'll feel the need to do something that makes a difference. How about donating some time and effort to a charity close to your heart?

Gemini: You're amazing, and you have many talents that can get you into the spotlight. Try exploring new things you think you might be good at, it'll be a great change.

Cancer: Have you been discussing something over and over again, thinking about it way too much? Well, it's time to let it go. Just drop it and make some positive changes instead.

Leo: A person in your life, whether a friend or co-worker, has been really hard to read for the longest time. This week, you'll definitely know where you stand when it comes to the way they feel about you.

Virgo: Working hard lately, and you don't feel like anyone appreciates what you're doing? Just speak your mind and things will certainly take a turn towards a more positive path.

Libra: If you spend your days just relaxing way too much, it might have a negative impact on the people around you.

Scorpio: You sometimes give off the impression that you're not easy to talk to, whereas it's not true. Try to share a bit with the people close to you, so they can change the way they perceive you.

Sagittarius: Lots of drama keep on rising up, and you're not sure what to do about it. Try facing your fears with a more positive attitude.

Capricorn: Consuming lots of your energy on various things? Well, this week it's time to relax so you can make a shiny comeback.

Aquarius: Sometimes what you say makes sense to people, but at other times you really don't make any sense. How about trying to speak their language or meet them half-way?

Pisces: Honesty is the best way to go, and especially when it comes to people close to you. If you feel the urge to let them know something, it's better to just talk about it instead of hinting.