Aries: Family and home are your main focus this week, and there's no better time to enjoy it than Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Taurus: Once a traveler, always a traveler. You know how travelling is like your second home, and you'll want to experience it this week.

Gemini: With the new year approaching, your ambition is growing. Look out, for you might stumble upon some valuable connections that will feed that vision of yours.

Cancer: In the mood to be alone? That won't last for long as you'll be feeling the attraction growing towards a special someone. As for those already committed, they might be putting a ring on it soon.

Leo: The right mind is in the right body! This will be your motto and you'll do your best to maintain the healthy lifestyle you've always talked about. Only now you'll actually live it.

Virgo: You're the star of the week and the one soaking up all the attention in a room. Indulge in that feeling and make sure you look your best for you never know who you might run into.

Libra: If you've been irritated from some of your friends the past few weeks, this week you'll find yourself a lot calmer towards them and feeling a new upgraded dynamic between you.

Scorpio: Dust off your wings, for you'll be quite the social butterfly this week. You'll break out of your slumber and start getting out of your comfort zone in more ways than ever before.

Sagittarius: Not in the mood to party? No worries, for you'll be looking at more serious issues and new year plans regarding work and financials.

Capricorn: No need to wait till the 31st to make your new year's resolutions. Dig a bit deeper into yourself now and find what you need to work on, both personally and professionally.

Aquarius: Creativity this month is in full swing, so hold on to it and don't let the lazy phase you're going through get to you.

Pisces: Now is the best time for you to let loose and just party! Put your favorite dress on and let the music sweep you away.